Do You Need Content That Converts?


When I hear about conversion for social ads, email writing, content writing, funnel and lead generation, I naturally get excited.

My writing influences the audiences to engage and converts the right audiences to the right solutions.

Whether you’re a small business or entrepreneur, my unique content writing can boost your online visibility and improve your conversion to attract new leads.

I’m Shahrul, a digital marketing copywriter and a professional B2B writer for multiple business brands.

Hiring me for your digital marketing content includes blog writing, article writing, email writing, white paper writing, and lead magnet ebook.

How Can I Help You?


1. Who I Am

I have been doing content creations for over a year and have written for amazing business clients like Mosmot Ventures and dozens of others. I also have written for personal people to help them finish their work. I make your content easy to read, engaging, persuasive, and share.

2. My Expertise

Copywriting – a copy is an art of persuasion through written words, and I know the formulas to help your business grow.
Blog writing – blog posts engage your targeted audience from search engines, and I know the formulas to present you as an authority in your subject expert.
Ghostwriting – want to present engaging content? My ghostwriting can help you build your brand and improve your business.

3. My credibility

I use my valuable knowledge, skills, and experience in digital marketing to make content that makes people take action and improve your conversion to achieve your desired result.


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