15 Best Social Media WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing Blogs

Every successful blog has a good marketing strategy for its content. Although there a lot of social media platforms to gain visitors to read your blog contents, everyone has only 24 hours a day to manage everything. It is impossible to do even for an expert.

Besides having good website hosting, you need some additional tech support to help you manage and monitor your blog posts on every social media including your membership site registration. You can consider using these 15 Social Media WordPress Plugins for your content marketing blogs.

  1. Ultimate Social Media

Ultimate Social Media has more than 200,000 active users with more than 4,000 votes for the 5-star rating. Its user-friendly display makes it easy for users to monitor the social activity of their content posts. The icons are very responsive to your content and do not interfere with the speed of your website.

Besides having an existing design style and theme, you can create a custom design to suit your post. You can set your email icon to do an action such as follow, share, contact, or link to your landing page. You can take your readers to other parts of your website as to other content by placing some unique icon.

  1. Blog2Social

Blog2Social has over 60,000 active users. Interestingly about this plugin, you can customize each of your posts according to your comments, content-related hashtags, and images of your own choice. Besides reposting old posts function, you can also edit the meta tag information for your content to suit the social media configuration.

The post scheduling function allows you to post selected content automatically according to the best posting time.  It will help you to get maximum attention at the right time when your readers in which browsing social posts on related social media. You can also post up to 4 images in a single post on Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Revive Social

Revive Social has more than 40,000 active users.  Its best function is it can integrate with Google Analytics to see the performance of your post on social media. You can also shorten the post link to make your post more neat and easy to read. You can also isolate posts that you do not want to share on social media.

If you have infographics or videos in your WordPress library, you can automate them to share to your social media. It gives you the advantage of optimizing the use of your social media in your content marketing strategy. You can also create different post variations for the same content in your post scheduling.

  1. Simple Social Buttons

Simple Social Buttons has more than 40,000 active users that choose this plugin because of its simplicity. Some users love simple share buttons for content marketing blogs. It gives flexibility to users in determining the place to place the social buttons. It comes up with button color customization to match your website design.

It uses simple code to make your readers be able to share the content after some sentences. You can place it below your target quote or target information. You can show social buttons as a popup or fly-in with animation to interrupt reader attention and make them share your content. It also has 13 different languages for you to select.

  1. Social Snap

Social Snap has more than 20,000+ active installations on several websites. The special about this plugin is it has a print button. It makes your readers easily print your content when needed. It also gives you a copy link button function, making it is easier for your readers to copy your link for their personal use or content reference.

Based on your content marketing strategy, you can place different buttons for your mobile readers and desktops readers. You can make some topics premium topics and push your reader to share your content to unlock it. If you have a membership site, you can set your member's login to accept login through their social media account.

  1. Social Web Suite

Social Media Suite gives users the advantage to post with a different message for each social media account. It helps because the number of words allowed for a Twitter message is limited compared to other platforms. You can also sort old content in series and posting it automatically to your social media account.

This plugin allows you to include hashtags in your post separately for each of your social accounts. You can post content in the form of a link, or without an image, or a random image from your content. The advantage of managing all your social media messages in one calendar simplifies the management of your content.

  1. Nelio Content

Nelio Content has reached over 6000+ active users. This plugin allows users to formulate strategies by automatically displaying high view content on social media. With Google Analytics integration, users can view all the data from shared content to determine the content that needs to be posted consistently on social media.

It will analyze every data from your publishing content. Then, it will provide you the best suggestions to edit and improve your less popular content quality. From this, you can determine the best content structure for your social media and make it unique and friendly to your followers. If you have a team, your team can use this plugin to manage your content.

  1. Warfare

With more than 60,000 active users, Warfare gives users the option to display popular posts that vary according to the topics of interest to each social media. You can also make a custom tweetable quote in each of your posts to make it easier for users to share it on Twitter while crediting it to your posts.

This plugin is so popular because it is equipped with a system to protect your content from hackers who try to place unauthorized advertisements on your content without your permission. In case you edit your content link, you can recover content sharing data from previous content links. You can integrate with your Google Analytics as you place event tracking to see real-time analysis data.

  1. Cresta Social Share

Cresta Social Share currently has more than 6,000 active users. This plugin is friendly, easy, and suitable for content marketing strategy for beginners. It comes with popular social media buttons such as Facebook and Twitter. It will show the number of shares for each of your content as social proof to your readers.

It has simple animations to attract the attention of your readers. It also has ready-made styles that are suitable for beginners who are less knowledgeable about design. With just a simple shortcode, you can place the share button anywhere in the content as much as you want. You also can make it as social media floating buttons.

  1. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed allows users to put Instagram feeds into their content posts or website pages. It makes it easy for readers to follow your Instagram and view all your Instagram posts without a need to log in to their Instagram. It makes it easy for them to like or share your posts on their Instagram. You can customize the slide speed of your Instagram content and make it autoplay.

You can show real and engaging images to your readers. It will help blogs that use a lot of pictures like cooking blogs or travel blogs. These eye-catching images from your Instagram feed make your readers stay longer on your blog. It will reduce the bounce rate of your website. Besides, you can also customize only selected pictures from Instagram to show to readers.

  1. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is suitable for the content with make money purpose. Until now, it has more than 50,000 active users, and it is compatible with Gutenberg editor. You can customize the design to match your blog design and optimize it for mobile-friendly. It has several integration functions that will make you grow your social media following and content views.

It has become a partner with Google Analytics and can provide you with specific and reliable metrics for your content marketing strategy. All the data that it collects will be processing on its server. It will make your website data more secure, with the ability to analyses your social data, and it does not affect your website loading speed at all.

  1. Nextend Social Login

Nextend Social Login is a perfect plugin for membership sites or eCommerce sites. It will record every login data. It has more than 200,000 active users. Users can log in to your website with just one click using their selected social media account. You also have a function to create different custom redirect links for each social media after the visitor has logged in.

You can edit or translate your login buttons according to your target visitors. You can customize the login button design to match your website design. This plugin will push your visitors to display the avatar image similar to their social media profile picture. You can place multiple social media login buttons and restrict specific user roles when login to your website.

  1. Social Media Icons Widget

Social Media Icons Widget has supported more than 400+ social media that are available on the internet. It will help your readers to reach your multiple social media platforms. Besides having social icons that link to your social media account, you have given generic icons to link to another place. It will make it easier to guide your readers to promotion pages or subscription pages related to your content.

It is a mobile-friendly plugin, and it has multiple styles and colors to match your website design. You can set up your buttons using a simple drag and drop function. You can use generic icons to link it with your email address, phone number, Skype, and WhatsApp. It will make your readers contact you to get more information about your content or your products’ promotion.

  1. WP Socializer

WP Socializer currently has more than 10,000 active installations. It is more suitable for users who have a lifestyle blog or personal blog. It is more compatible with a social blog with no intention for marketing or business purpose. It is mobile responsive ready, and you can link to social media apps. You can make your sharing bar to be sticky or floating.

It works with any website theme, and you can add social icons anywhere insides your content. This plugin has both sharing function and follows function. You can place your social media sharing icons together with your social media following icons at the bottom of your content. It works with Gutenberg and WooCommerce with no registration required.

  1. AddToAny Share Buttons

This plugin, AddToAny Share Buttons is the most preferred plugin with more than 500,000 active installations. It has customized share icons, and the email sharing icon can support major email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and any other email web apps. It is mobile-optimized, and it has dozens of languages supporting translation. You have custom placement for the plugin inside your website.

It can support WooCommerce sites and major multilingual sites, and several networks. It can be integrated with Google Analytics to get and analyze the data in real-time. You can place Bitly shorten a link or other custom URL shorteners to track your shared link data from social media and specific places. You can get lifetime support from the community as long as this plugin exists.

Things to Keep in Mind:

You need to select your best Social Media WordPress plugins to use based on your content marketing strategy. If you have business blogs, you can use a more complex plugin with analysis functions.  For non-commercial blogs, you can use a simple and easy plugin.

Somehow, your website is loading slowly because of your website design, not your installed plugin. For optimum performance of your website, you need to have a good and quality website design. You may need to consider redesigning your website to make it more beautiful and lighter to load.

The other thing that you need to consider is your website security. When you use an advanced social media plugin, your social media profile data and your readers’ social media data may be hijacked by a hacker. You need a good security plugin for your website to protect the data. With this, your readers will feel safer using their social media data on your website.

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