3 Best Online Publishers for Freelance Authors

Publishing digital and printing books on different retailers cost authors their time and money. The best way is to use a single publisher to distribute their books to the top retailers, including Amazon, Kobo, iBooks Store, and Barnes & Noble. Below are the best three publishers that authors can use to publish their work.


Draf2Digital allows authors to publish either a ready-made formatting ePub or upload a manuscript. For an uploaded document, the system will auto-process it and converts it to a high-quality ePub or a paperback file for physical printing. Then, the authors need to fill in the required information and upload a book cover. It is a beginner-friendly process.

The authors can choose which retailers' stores that they want to distribute the published books to. This platform is free to use. They only charge a small percentage of every book sale. If the authors do not have an ISBN, they will automatically assign an ISBN to the book under the Draft2Digital name.


Smashwords allows authors to centralize and manage their book pricing, categorization, and book description on all retailers in a single place. The authors' published book will be available in multiple ebook formats. It will make the book to be more accessible on almost any e-reading device.

The authors can also advertise their ebook on their website or blog using the available widget tool. This platform gives a different set of royalty from the net sales to their authors. The authors get 85% royalty from self-marketing, 70.5% royalty from Smashwords store, 60% from other retailers, and 45 % from library sales.


BookBaby allows authors to publish eBooks in multiple formats, including ePub, Mobi, and PDF. With BookBaby, authors can set their custom selling price and earn 85% royalty from eBook retail sales and 50% from printing book sales. Authors can create customs coupons and discounts to attract more buyers and increase sales conversion rates.

The best benefit of using this platform is authors can collect buyer email addresses and promote other published eBooks. Authors can also approve any review of their published eBooks. This will helps authors to filter the quality of reviews about their eBooks. They also can write their bio to expose their branding.

In conclusion, authors can use the above publishers to distribute their works faster. The publishers also have a good connection with the top retailers and fewer barriers to promote on their store. It is a good strategy, especially for beginner authors with no authority.

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