3 Payroll Software That Can Help Human Resource Management

Businesses need a support payroll system to manage their employees’ data and human resource operations. It is not easy to do it manually, especially when the company has global staff and works in other countries. They need to manage it with care because different countries have different labor policies. Below is the best three payroll software that businesses can use to standardize their global payroll operation.


Payslip helps your company to control every payroll cost in your entire main and branch operation in a single system. It will help you to manage your employees’ payroll data and make sure your company can pay their wages on time.  It will ensure that you will meet any policy requirements in the country that your operation base.

If you have human resource teams in multiple countries, you can easily switch tasks between them without manual meetings. Your employees also can easily access their payroll data online and update any necessary information without manual documentation. It helps them to get their current and past payslips fast when needed.


CloudPay helps your company to manage employees’ payroll data while maintaining your company objectives and strategic goals. It will make your payroll payment processing to be more simple and fast without any complex documents. It will reduce management costs while maintaining quality, transparency, and accuracy when processing the data.

You can automatically create payroll reports and monitor your accessible employees’ data such as attendance, leave, overtime, and salary increments for your audits. The payroll processing will always comply with any country regulation. Your employees also can gain access to their data and payment slips through the system.


Mercans makes your company easily monitoring and processing global payroll automatically by centralizing all internal data. Besides complying with any local laws and regulations, it will also help you pay salaries on time with accuracy and transparency.  It can help your HR staff to calculate and automate any complex wages and benefits calculation.

If you have multiple company branches internationally, you can rely on Mercans because it has over 700 in-country experts to help you in terms of markets and protocols abroad. It provides the highest security and privacy standards and strictly complies with them. You and your employees can access the relevant payroll data everywhere on any device when needed.

Payslip, CloudPay, and Mercans are web-based software that can manage payroll information globally with high security. Companies need to choose the best software to support their need and ensure all employees know how to use the system. The use of technology in human resource operations is needed to help the company grow better internationally.

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