4 Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

Successful businesses have an established online presence across social media platforms. It helps them to gain trust from their potential clients. They can also implement an SEO strategy on their social media platforms. It is because the search engine treats major social media platforms like a website and ranks them. Below are the best four social media platforms for businesses.


LinkedIn allows business owners to show all or hide some information for the search engine to index them. The potential clients need to connect or follow them to see all their activities. Compare to other social media, LinkedIn allows its users to have up to 30,000 first connections. Once connected, business owners can continue posting informative content to develop clients' trust and confidence in their services.


Facebook allows users to choose whether their profile can be appearing on the search engine or not. Business owners can optimize their profile information and content to show their activities online. For business pages or groups, the search engine will automatically index them based on the information given. Businesses can combine their name with related keywords to form a long tail name for their pages or groups.


Pinterest allows business owners to pin images directly from their websites. It is the best place for businesses to promote their infographics by inserting targeted keywords on pin title and description. It helps potential clients to find them on Google images. If other people use their infographics, they need to credit them. It will make the owners and business to be more visible online.


Twitter does not limit the number of followers that businesses can have. They can regularly increase their followers to be more visible. Unlike Facebook, Twitter content does not have a view limit. Every follower can view the business Tweets unless they block or mute them. The more followers the businesses have the more visible their Tweets content to their potential clients.

In conclusion, every business needs to optimum use social media platforms to expose their business online. Potential clients can trust to get help from the people that have good publicity to solve their problems.

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Shahrulnizam Tahir

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