4 Tips to Overcome Stress and Depression

Many factors will make someone depress and stressed. Work for long hours without any recognition is one of them. You must learn how to overcome your stress and avoid mental depression. Here are the tips to help you overcome it.

Clear your mind

Mindpower is the best medicine for combating stress and depression. Clearing your mind from thinking anything can help you to calm your emotion and brain. Try to close your eye and picturing a white blank. Next, try to imaging something that makes you happy in the past. It is a process to brainwash your mind from negative thinking to positive thinking.

Relax your body

A body's nerve and blood pressure can affect your stress and depression. It will stretch your muscle and gives you a headache. Try to comfort and relax your body by stopping what you are currently doing. Change your body position to the lower posture. If you are standing, then sit down. If you are sitting, then lie down. Close your eye and stay still your body for a while.

Do something you love

Stress will reduce your working performance. You will tend to make wrong decisions when depressing. You need to take a leave and do your favorite hobby. Any hobby that you know will improve your emotionality and revive back your positive mindset.  It will help you forget your problems for a while and make you be like a new person when back to work later.

Sleep well

Sleep well is to have quality sleep. It is not about how many hours you sleep. You can get quality sleep by sleeping three to four hours only. It is about sleeping in a clear mind and relaxing body without dreaming anything. When you are dreaming, your body nerve will keep responding to your brain. That is why you feel tired even sleeping more than 8 hours.

These four tips will surely help you to overcome them. It is simple to do. You do not need to do heavy things to control your emotion and stress. What you need is to apply it immediately and see the result yourself. Stay positive and cheerful in your working life.

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Shahrulnizam Tahir

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