5 Criteria of a Good Customer Service Staff

Businesses need to ensure that their customer service staff can consistently produce excellent performance. It is because they are a business front liner that will firstly get in touch with customers. A quality customer service staff must have these five main criteria.

A Good Listener

A friendly staff is a good listener. Most of the time, they will get more complain rather than questions. They need to pay attention to every detail of what the customers said. They must take some note of every complaint so they can refer to it later. Let the customers talk more and only interrupt them when needed.

Excellent problem solving

A good customer service staff must have excellent problem-solving skills. They need to be able to determine the cause of the problem for immediate solving. If they can solve it by themselves, it will save a lot of time. If the problem involves other departments or technical aspects, they need to find someone to solve it. Do not make the customers wait for a long time.


Every company will train their staff about their products or services, including the latest one. It should not be a problem if they learn them well. However, customer service is also a center of communication of every department in your company. They need to update all the latest information with other departments every time.

Effective Communication

Communication is about providing a clear message to customers. They must have good language skills and can make the customers understand the message. Do not use any technical words and confuse the customers. They must learn how to engage and know which words to use when talking to the customers to avoid any possible conflict.


A customer service staff may need to deal with many angry customers when having a conversation with them. The customers may talk rudely to them. They need to have a strong heart and can control their emotion when dealing with these customers. They must act professionally to calm these customers so that they can accurately know the problem.

Those are five criteria for a quality customer service staff. But, a human is not a robot so is the customer service staff. They will get tired and slowly will become less motivated that can affect their performance. The use of technology will support them. It will help them save more time, improve response quality, and provide fast problem-solving in delivering excellent service.

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