5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Must Publish Content on Article Directory Sites

Article directory sites are the sites that collect and publish many articles in different categories. These sites give valuable content to their readers and good benefits to their contributors, especially affiliate marketers. There are five reasons why they need to publish content on these sites.

Business Exposure

Article directory sites have thousands of views per month. It is because these sites have a good SEO ranking and are well known to the public. Some of them also have regular membership that they offer to their readers. It is an effective branding for all businesses, especially for the beginner to gain exposure.

Unlimited Free Traffics

Affiliate marketers can get unlimited free traffics to their website or landing page when posting an article on these sites. The articles’ owner can write an author bio with a link below their content. They need to write valuable content once and gain potential leads or new clients forever as long as it remains available.

Free Backlinks

These sites allow readers to use any article on their sites, with credit to the content’s owner. It is an advantage to the owner because it will make them more visible online. Affiliate marketers can create informative and shareable content to get continuous free backlinks from many places. It is a good business strategy for the long term.

Increase Credibility

Posting multiple articles on these sites can build up the credibility of affiliate marketers. It will show the readers that they have authority in the market. They can also use these sites to present their knowledge and capabilities to their potential clients. It will help them to gain trust from their potential clients to use their services.

Low Barrier

Most of these sites can accept articles from contributors anywhere around the world. The contributors can submit it even they do not have writing experience on other sites. The new affiliate marketers can take this advantage to show their ability to create valuable content. Most of their guidelines are easy to follow, and the process is also simple.

In conclusion, affiliate marketers need to use the article directory sites as a part of their branding plan. These sites will make them more visible online and bring endless traffics to their website.

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Shahrulnizam Tahir

Shahrulnizam Tahir is a freelance writer and owner of Hiresah.com. He is a content specialist for digital marketing, online business, and marketing technology. He provides copywriting, ghostwriting, article writing, and blog writing services for B2B and B2C business brands. If he is not writing, he watches self-development videos and entertainment videos on YouTube. You can also find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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